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Quality Management
The Quality Revolution Strategies in Quality Management
Use Your Head, not Your Money Zero Defects Mean Zero Inspection
Anti-Quality Policies Robust Quality and Foolproofing in the Design of Products and Processes 
How High Sales Hide Bad Quality Good, Cheap, and Fast
Non-stop Improvement: Quality Redefined  Linking Quality to Performance Appraisals
The Right Steps to Total Quality Promotion of  Quality Values and Attitudes
The Total Quality CEO  Methods and Tools in Problem Solving in Health Care
Measure Quality Right the First Time The Need for a Quality-Oriented Corporate Culture
Global Competitiveness through Total Quality Murphy on Quality

Customer Service Management
The Art of Delighting Customers The Seven Deadly Sins of Customer Service
Get to Know the Customer of the Future - Now How Information Technology will Redefine Customer Service
Keeping Customers for Life Service Operations - Speed and Staff
Hotels, star ratings and service quality World Class Competitive Airlines
Consistency in Service Quality Satisfying the Internal Custome
Setting Up An Effective CRM System CRM - Beyond Speed
5S- Housekeeping in Service Industries Leadership and Change Management in Hospitals
Banking and Finance Management
The Entrepreneurial Bank Reinventing Banking and Finance Managers
E-Red Tape in E-Banking Applying Data Mining to Banking
Reengineering Bank Services Delighting Bank Customers
TQM for Banking Innovative Customer Service by Banks
From Reactive to Responsive, Proactive Banking Benchmarking for Banking
Delivering fast and friendly banking services What banks can learn from other industries
The Teller of the Future Implementing Total Quality in Banking
After Sales Service in Banking How to Minimize Clerical Errors in Banking
Matching Demand and Capacity in Banking Creating a Customer-Centric Bank
Increase Sales by Increasing Sales Productivity Lean is Mean in a Recession
How to Cut Costs in a Recession In a Recession, Productivity is Still the Best Policy
Recession Makes Traditional Strategies Irrelevant
Manufacturing Management
Costs as Lost Profits: The World Class View Down with Inventory!
How to Find Hidden Wastes Higher Wages Do Not Mean Higher Labor Costs
Just-in-Time: Crisis Management Japanese Style Master in the Art of Cutting Costs
Just-in-time Manufacturing Trims Cost The Important Role of Production Managers
Excuses for High Inventory True Productivity: The Key to Profitability
The Process Manager The QCD Approach to Operations Management
Zero Management Maintenance: From Backroom to Frontline
Why Technology Acquisition is far superior to Technology Transfer Just-in-time: An Asian View
What is a World Class Factory? Identifying and Eliminating the Seven Wastes or Muda
Lean Management Principles  

Asian Business and Management
The Samurai and the Manager Coming to Terms with Japanese Management
Management: Japanese Style Zen and Management Training
The Japanese Quest for the Better Way Productivity is a Matter of National Survival
Reconciling Growth and the Environment in ASEAN Surviving Globalization

General Management
The Bottom Line Paradox The Strategic Role of HR
Achieving Competitiveness through Supply Chain Management Small Business - The Economy's Backbone
Managing and Keeping Healthcare Professionals Managing in Hard Times - 2009 and Beyond





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