Your company suffers from information overload.


  • Don't publish or distribute a report; if nobody complains about it in a month, discard the report permanently.
  • Require managers to submit only 1 to 2 page reports.
  • Prohibit FYI (for your info) reports and emails and permit only FYD (for your decision) ones.
  • Seek top management approval for printing duplicates or triplicate copies of reports and forms.
  • Seek the recipient's prior approval before "cc: ing" an email to him.

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Accounting management
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Benchmarking, Business Process Reengineering
Corporate Governance, Ethics, Philantrophy
Corporate Communications, Public Relations
Entrepreneurship, Small Business Management
Environmental Management, Occupational Safety
Financial Management, Turnaround, Bankruptcy
Human Resource Management
Quality and Service Management
Manufacturing Management and New Product Development
Marketing and Sales Management
Operations Management, OR, Project Management
Purchasing, Supply Chain Management
Information Technology and Knowledge Management
Strategic and General Management
Product quality stinks your own employees won't buy them.
Your factory oozes with inventories.
Employees are not talking to one another.
Goods are delivered on time accidentally.
Your company suffers from information overload.
Your customers are falling out of long slow moving queues.
Your factory and offices are dirty and disorganized.
Your board meetings are long and boring
Your company is always in a firefighting mode.
Lines of resistance to change
Do-it-yourself Reality Checks of Corporate Health

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